NEC's complete 46" 2x2 LCD TileMatrixTM Digital Video Wall Solution delivers an all-in-one, easy-to-configure and cost-effective solution that is ideal for dynamic digital signage, information display and command & control applications. Exclusive TileMatrix and TileCompTM technologies, combined with the ultra-narrow bezel design of the NEC X461UNV, provide for a near seamless video wall without the need for additional third-party equipment. The DVI daisy chain board is added to each display to allow the loop-through of a digital video signal insuring for the best quality picture.


  • Ultra-thin bezel design (7.3mm screen-to-screen width) achieves a "barely there" effect
  • Overframe Bezel Kit completes your solution with a "finished and framed" look (two kits included)
  • TileMatrix technology is integrated into each NEC display within the bundle, allowing for easy manipulation of a single picture to 2x2 format
  • Copy function allows you to apply the settings from one display to all others
  • Chief 2x2 Video Wall Mounting System
  • Null modem cables used for daisy-chaining control signals included
  • Tripp Lite Isobar6 surge suppressor features six outlets and prevents crashes, reboots and performance problems
  • Standard onsite warranty service for all included displays